7 awesome online shopping tricks and tips

Buying or selling items online can be frustrating. But if you know the ins and outs of the online auction business, you can be sure to make a few spectacular purchases.

But there are a few different ways you can be a savvy online shopper. And the best part is that I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you find that perfect purchase.

eBay – For online buying and selling, try eBay. This king of online retail can help you find just about anything you can imagine.

Whether you’re looking to buy new or antique, eBay has everything. And eBay makes it a breeze to sell your items online.

eBay Classifieds – For those looking to make big buys online, shipping can be a nightmare. Mattresses don’t ship well, and the postal worker probably won’t be thanking you.

Try eBay Classifieds. You can look through local listings to buy bigger items without the shipping hassle. You can also look through the Free Stuff section, which is always a bonus, and other items for sale.

Rummage – Rummage sales are the best and the worst. Digging through old junk to find the perfect antique is priceless, but the getting up at dawn part isn’t so lovely.

With Rummage, you can search eBay listings without having to leave your comfy pillows. Just enter your item in the search field and Rummage pulls up eBay results in Pinterest style. Shopping has never been easier!

Auction Bloopers – Nobody is perfect, and that goes for spelling. There are very few people with perfect grammar.

If you want to find the best deals, look for the misspellings that won’t show up in the regular search engines. Auction Bloopers gives you every variation, so you won’t miss a deal.

FatFingers – Buying items on eBay can get competitive quickly, and everyone is looking to get the upper hand.
You can use FatFingers to search for misspelled auctions and items to get the best prices. There’s even a Last Minute tool for auctions that are ending.

TypoHound – Getting the best deal online comes with perseverance and knowing what to look for. Like items that are misspelled on eBay.

TypoHound helps you get the best deals by using the most common spelling errors of your search terms. You can easily get the best deals by bidding on an item that no one else can find!

Get It Next – Searching for items on eBay can get confusing. The auctions can get tricky to navigate and you don’t have all the information up front.
With Get It Next, you can see all the info you need about every listing. Automatically search the hottest items, and see the feedback on every seller.

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