There are three main categories that I typically group logo designs into: illustrative, iconic, and typographical. All three have many great attributes, and each also has drawbacks. But the best way to know which is the right one for you is to figure out how you will mostly be using your logo. Once you do, you may find that you want to focus on a specific style.


An illustrative logo is exactly what it sounds like – it has some element of illustration incorporated into it. These logos can have beautiful details and communicate complex messages to your audience.

However, being too complicated can also cause problems – especially when it comes to things like shrinking it down for small applications (think about putting it on a pen) or if you need to convert it to just one color to save money when printing.

ana-logo   cropped-bcs-logo-w-beaver.png  bubbashomemain


Iconic logos utilize a unique icon to represent a business or idea. This can be a great way to condense the core values of your business down to one memorable mark.

Many times these types of logos are easy to work with as they are usually simple and straightforward. But the hardest part about an iconic logo is getting your entire business philosophy across in one concise mark.

brouwers-lawncare4-changed-font-2-blackoval-ribbon-middle-black        logo    newsome-logo


A typographical logo is a design made entirely of text/fonts without an image to complicate it. These logos can be beautiful, elegant and show great balance in their simplicity.

The most difficult part about using a typographical logo is making sure it is memorable enough and not just any old font. My favorite way to avoid this is to incorporate custom hand-lettering into the logo. That way it is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind logo.

facendas-word  hurricane

Once you know these three types of logos, you will start to recognize them and see how they are being put to use. And you can also see how some mix different elements of each category to really make the most out of their brand. Whichever style you choose, remember to think about how you’ll be using your logo most and if the type of logo you want fits best with it’s use.

Does your logo fall into one of these categories? Have you seen any benefits or limitations??

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