A Sad/Happy Day… all wrapped up!

Today is just an emotional day. While I am not known to be one of President Obama’s supporters… I AM a US Citizen. He was and will always be our 44th President. This being his last day as President is kind of a sad day. I’ve watched has his daughters grew up. I’ve also watched the toll of that office left its mark on him and on Michelle. While I did not vote for him, when he was elected, I had high hopes for him. No, I did not agree with everything that he did, but I really don’t think could ever happen. The one disappointment is I thought he would further Dr. Kings legacy, but that isn’t what he did.  It seems (from the outside looking in) that he created more of a divide, even among those Dr. King was fighting for. I do wish the Obama’s the best and I pray that God blesses them.

I just watched Air-force one take off from New York headed to Washington, DC with President-elect Trump aboard. While I am sad to see the end of one, I am excited for the beginning of a new. I pray that GOD touches Trump and uses him to make this Country as great again as she once was, a Country where we are all equal, where Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong, where Respect for others is restored. I want my Country to be TRUE to the Constitution and our Bill of Rights where we are ALL created equally and we each have the right to choose how we live our lives, what religion we practice, a Country where one Citizen is not greater nor less than, a country where everyone pulls their own weight, where we take care of the children and widows and one where the streets are safe for our Children to be Children. I want a Country that is safe from the Terrorists that want to harm us… Foreign AND Domestic!  I pray for President-elect Trump’s safety, cause there sure seems to be a lot of people that just outright HATE this man than none of them have ever met, ever spoke with, ever shaken hands with him, yet they think they know him. DO NOT threaten our President. I guess people today lack self-respect… because when they disrespect a President, that is just showing their own lack of respect for themselves.

I’ve always heard… “Be The Change You Want To See”. That is one of the truest statements ever. ONE Person can and DOES make a difference. So from today on, I plan on being the CHANGE I want to see.  I challenge YOU to do the same. Just imagine how much better this world would be if people would just smile and simply speak “Hello” in passing.

Give our 45th President a chance…. Don’t condemn him before he ever takes office.


One thought on “A Sad/Happy Day… all wrapped up!

  1. Dawn Loyd says:

    Awesome I really love this, because I feel the same. Thank you for saying it! Wish people would treat this election like all the rest down history! We are the ones that decided how this should be. What really bothers me is that this election, people are disowning friends and family over opinions. We are letting them divide us, it is time we stop and remember I have a dream. One of the most memorable speeches. The speech had nothing to do with violence did we already forget. Thank you so much for this blog that helps us all remember.

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