How can companies get closer to consumers through sharing information?

Do you know how to reach your potential consumers?

Today’s consumer is completely different from those of the previous century. Consumer’s psychology and their behaviors evolve every day. Today’s consumers are on average less loyal and get fed up with the product quicker than ever before. The life cycle of the product therefore becomes shorter and shorter…
Moreover, the current customer is much more informed. Meaning he knows more about the different alternatives and does not conform as easily as before.

Among the changes, actions and adjustments necessary that companies face, to adapt and take part in this phenomenon, one of the most important is how can we reach the target audience efficiently?

As a first step, we need to think of adapting the information we offer to the target audience. The information that the company transmits should not be general, but adapted to each market niche we want to reach.
It is a matter of achieving a smart, renewed and attractive offer for our target audience, and we must consider the following points:

Listen before speaking!

We MUST listen to our customers so that our marketing is directed the right way; Understand the customer, his needs, his worries and his curiosities so that you can give him what he needs, when he needs it. This will allow the customer to receive the information without rejecting it and with great interest; Bringing value to the potential customer, that the information sent to him is of interest, regardless of the type of product being sold. The client must receive information that it interesting to him and that brings him something new and relevant; It is not about constantly bombarding the client with information. You must send information over reasonable periods of time so that the receiver does not feel harassed and does not reject the product because of excessive information.
As a second step, we must also consider that traditional means are no longer the only way to reach our target audience. Today, consumers can be picked up by a variety of means. We will discuss two today:

Social Media (Networks)

These are increasingly used by companies and represent a channel for actively communicating with customers. You will be able to transmit the information to your target audience and get a reaction almost immediately. It is important to take into account the information we have already shared, because the abuse of information via social networks can be perceived in a very negative way by the client. Social networks are the fastest and cheapest way to get close to the end customer and get feedback that you would not otherwise get.

The mobile format

This is an option that we MUST take into consideration as well, as 54% of consumers use their mobile device to shop online, this trend is becoming more and more widespread. It is advisable to start using this channel and to adapt promotional offers and corporate communications to the mobile format. That means, everything must be accessible on mobile: web page, mailing, advertisement…

Information is a source of wealth for the company which, duly exploited, can bring you many benefits.


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