3 Must Have Swipe Files For Home Business Owners

What is a Swipe File?

Swipe files are very common in the advertising world and sets a great example for marketing your home business online. A swipe file is a collection of materials that have been proven to be effective in attracting attention.


How can a swipe file help?

Last week, I was feeling a real-time crunch. Many things to do and not enough time.

Have you ever felt that way?

I knew I needed to get a great image posted on Instagram and on my Facebook fan page but just didn’t have the time put something together.

No problem. I went out to my Social Media Swipe File, found an image that suited my needs, and completed the post. Just a few quick minutes to complete the task.


Swipe Files For Home Business Owners

That is just one example of the types of Swipe Files that can make your online marketing efforts easier for your home business.

Swipe files may consist of content you created and found to encourage a lot of engagement or it can be content created by others.

A word of caution here…NEVER plagiarizer the material of others. Swipe file can be used as an example of how to create your content. Another option is to use the swipe file giving full credit for the creator of the content.


3 Must Have Swipe Files For Home Business Owners

#1 – Social Media Posts

I mentioned the social media images above to keep in your swipe files. I find that quote images get a lot of engagement on social media including lots of likes and shares. Every time that image receives a reaction, your brand is spreading a little bit further. It is easy to see why you would want to maintain a file of these quote images that received a lot of engagement.

Social media moves very fast regardless of which platform you are on. Sharing an image that was posted 3 months or so ago will go unnoticed. The image will most likely appear in the feed of a totally different set of followers than the last time it was shared. Someone that does see the post a second time will seldom remember seeing the image before.

#2 – Headlines

An eye-catching headline is so important in our fast-paced world. Often our eyes do not scan past the headline of an article making it so important to capture the reader’s attention as fast as possible.

The best way to learn how to capture attention is to focus on what catches your attention. When you find a good headline, grab a copy of the headline and note what was most captivating about the headline.

#3 – Emails

I am subscribed to several email lists at all times. I like to stay current on what is working for other marketers and I also like to monitor these emails for excellent examples of product launches, webinar series, or even autoresponder series after downloading some new training.

When I find an email series that stands out from the rest as having superior content or ideas to consider in the future, these emails are added to a swipe file. Once again, the content is not something to copy but to study the design and structure with consideration of how it could affect my future emails.


How to organize your Swipe File

Saving all this information is only helpful if you can find the swipe file when it is needed. Each type of swipe file deserves its own organizational structure. All swipe files are stored in a primary folder labeled “Swipe File.”  Here are a few suggestions to consider:


Images and Quotes

I use images and quotes almost every day. To make it quick and easy to use this swipe file, the images are placed in a folder labeled Image Quotes. I use a strategy recommended by my mentor, Ray Higdon, where the image files are named 1, 2, 3, etc. to 31 which stands for the day of the month. Once 1 through 31 is filled, start over with 1A, 2A, etc. to 31A. Continue this pattern for all images in your swipe file. This will give you a series of images that can be used on social media so that you never run out of content to share while having several months of content without repeating.



I have a separate folder for each type of email or email series that I keep. Email file names are changed to explain what type of email is within that folder. A series of email for a product launch or webinar are saved in their own folder. The folder is named based on the type of emails within the folders and name from whom the email came.



These files can be saved in local storage, i.e., hard drive of computer or laptop or removable storage device. I like to use cloud storage so I have access to the files regardless of where I am. A few cloud tools I prefer are Dropbox or Evernote.


While Dropbox has a folder / file storage system, Evernote is organized by Notebooks and Notes. Just replace Folder structure for Notebooks and File names for Notes. Using Evernote, you will also be able to save captions along with those social media images.

Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer

Do you have a swipe file? If not, can now see why it is important to start one. If you have more suggestions for swipe file, drop a comment below.

Find value? Comment below and Share with your friends and followers on Social Media. 


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